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My Insight into the Origin of Universe

The book entitled ‘Big Bang or Creation of God’ deals with an extraordinary subject with clarity and certainly. There is no need for any hesitation to present the book before the general public. The scientific community from ancient times onward, through expriements, has tried in vain to answer the question whether the cause of the origin of universe is the ‘Big Bang or Creation of God’. The author of the book says that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru has revealed to him in a vision that creation started at a particular spot in a particular planet. The details of the revelation of Guru is presented in this book for the benefit of future generations.


The Big Bang Or Creation of God?

A categorical answer to the above question is yet to be found despite enquires, discoveries and inferences made by Scientists and thinkers from the ancient times to the present day. Investigations conducted with the aid of Huble Telescope in this area have failed to get a convincing answer.

Without getting an answer about the origin of the Universe, enquires are being continued. It is in these circumstances I have been induced to write this article, although I do not have any knowledge about science or scientific studies.

Discarding the theory of the majority of the scientist that the Universe was created through Bigbang, Fred Hoel, the British scientist has stated that the origin of the Universe has a definite place and point of time. The above statement made by him is correct.

The Statement of scientists, that the Universe is its own creator and having a fixed place and time of its origin has further stated that the Universe has a beginning and end. This is patent absurdity.

How can a scientist who starts from the concept that the Universe has a beginning and end proclaim with the aid of Huble Telescope that the age of the Universe is 1300 to 1400 crore years.

God, the creator has showed me a few years ago that the Universe and the earth which forms part of the Universe were not created out of the Bigbang and that the creation of the Earth and Water and Life on it could be traced to a specific time and place and that from there it moved to another place where undergone many changes and then spread everywhere giving rise to the Earth, Water, and Life present form and that it has definite beginning and End.

Before the creation of the Universe, the primordial light emerged from the Brahman acted as the first preceptor of the Universe. Then Saptarshees were begotten by the volition of the first preceptor.

The creation came into existence when the Saptarshees worshipped the first preceptor. The sprout of the creation gave birth to longitudinal vibrations which in turn spread everywhere creating manifold variety of things.

A manvanthara is the mental conception of Saptarshees. A solar system is created by the mental conception of Saptarshees. The Saptarshees conceived a solar system having nine planets, twelve sodiacs and twenty seven stars.

The earth will last for 14 Manvantharas (One Kalpa). Let scientific world know that it is 198.80,87115 years since the origin of Earth and it will last only for 435,37,20,000 years.

Without knowing the real condition of the creation of the universe the so called scientist and religious scholars doing the continous research upon solar systems and planets with mere imagination stating that there is having the existence in life and water.

This universe is created and is well maintained by God. Even though so many solar systems are there, only in earth alone God has given existence of water and life. There is no planet like earth in this universe. After the creation of the universe by God, separated the solar system. That means the place of the creation of the planets and of the place of actions are different.